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Baltimore Camera Club Meetings
Thursday Nights at 8:00 p.m.

Mount Washington United Methodist Church
5800 Cottonworth Ave
Baltimore, MD 21209

2021 Calendar

Meetings at the church are suspended until further notice due to the coronavirus.
Program meetings will be held on Zoom or by webinar. 

Zoom meeting invitations will be sent to all Baltimore Camera Club members.
  Join in at 7:30pm to socialize.  Programs will begin promptly at 8:00pm.

Print competitions are suspended until we can meeting in person.

Digital competitions will be held on Zoom per the schedule below.

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Date Event
New Club Year Began August 1, 2020

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Thursday, January 28
Program 10
Member Critique Night: One image per member. Upload your images to Visual Pursuits/ “Member Programs – Critiques” Gallery/’Member Critique, Jan. 28. 

Critique Gallery Upload Instructions

Thursday, February 4
Digital Competition 5
Theme: Open

Judge: Roy Sewall, Roysewallphotography.com

Thursday, February 11
Program 11
Speaker: Lewis Katz - “From Capture to Print: The Art of Black and White Photography”
By first looking at some black and white images from iconic photographers, we will discuss the reasons to convert to monochrome: timelessness, contrast, mood, pattern and emotion.  Using personal imagery, the black and white conversion process will be demonstrated using both Lightroom as well as Nik software. 
Lewis will also discuss: (1) why you should always shoot in color and then convert to monochrome; (2) the importance of the color channels in the conversion process; (3) the impact of black and white versus color; and (4) how to create more dramatic and powerful images using contrast as well as creative composition.
The program concludes with a brief overview of the Print module in Lightroom to ensure that your prints mirror your monitor.
Lewis Katz had a camera in his hand from the age of 14.  Inspired by his father, he began to explore photography more seriously in high school with a darkroom in the basement.  Fast forward many years to his life in Baltimore and his joining the Baltimore Camera Club.  Further inspired by his peers, Lewis became an award-winning photographer and photography teacher. 
Lewis currently teaches at Johns Hopkins University, the Community College of Baltimore Country, Capital Photography Center out of DC, as well as at the Baltimore Camera Club.  He lives for the aha! moments that only teaching can provide.
Check out his website: https://www.lewiskatzphotography.com

Thursday, February 18
Digital Competition 6 - Themed
Theme: Black and White.  Submit only Black and White photos to this competition. 

Judge: Martin Heavner,  www.heavnerphoto.com

Thursday, February 25
Program 12
Speaker: HT Lee - “Wildlife Bird Photography in New York Metropolitan Area”
In this Zoom presentation, HT Lee will share his experiences with and approaches to capturing wildlife bird photography in the NY metropolitan area. While sharing his images, he will address important elements of wildlife photography, including observing/learning wildlife behavior, understanding weather, wind and light, as well as the importance of investing the necessary time to capture images you desire.
HT Lee is an enthusiastic amateur wildlife photographer with interests in raptor and shore bird photography. His goal is to address photographers of all levels of skills and experience, with the hope to convince you that rich wildlife photo opportunities exist in urban and suburban areas.
HT’s photos can be found on his Instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/htleephotography/?hl=en)

Thursday, March 4
Digital Competition 7 - Themed
Theme: Water.  Submit only photos of water in its many forms (ocean, river, bay, harbor, reflections etc.) to this competition

Judge: Edwin Remsberg, www.remsberg.com

Thursday, March 11
Program 13
Speaker: David Kingham - Learning to See: An Introduction to Contemplative Photography
If you’re struggling to find your ‘style’ or ‘vision’ it may be time to look inward. David will show you techniques to stop looking for photographs, and to instead start seeing photographs. We’re all creative inside, but some of us have filters to block up our creativity. With some simple methods and exercises, you too can start seeing in a different way.
David Kingham is a Colorado native and a professional nature photographer who travels full-time with his partner Jennifer Renwick and their two cats in an RV. David believes images should be created with emotion and in turn, leave an impact on the viewer. He loves to share his knowledge with others through workshops and instructional videos. He also revived and runs the Nature Photographers Network because he believes a strong community within the nature photography community is important.

Website: https://www.davidkingham.com

Thursday, March 18
Digital Competition 8
Theme: Open


Thursday, March 25
Program 14

Thursday, April 1
No Meeting
Easter Thursday
Thursday, April 8
Digital Competition 9 - Themed
Theme: Baltimore.  Submit only photos of Baltimore to this competition

Judge: Mary Braman

Thursday, April 15
Program 15

Thursday, April 22
Digital Competition 10

Theme: Open


Thursday, April 29
Program 16
Speaker: Nic Stover - "The Psychology of Photography"
The psychology of photography goes beyond making pretty pictures and starts to examine the deeper questions beyond the creation of our images. 
How are we drawn to patterns, shapes, lines, and what do they mean to our subconscious?
What is the relationship of these elements to our emotional response to scenes in the field?
What are the different schools of psychology and how the brain forms thoughts and how you can work with that. 
And much more …
The last portion of this presentation will include a participant submitted CONSTRUCTIVE and positive image critique / image review with feedback from me and hands-on demonstrations on how to make changes to your images for greater impact.
As time approaches, you will receive instructions for submitting images for Nic’s critique.
Nic Stover was raised in the high mountains of Western Colorado on a single magazine subscription to National Geographic and only 5 television channels, where the only shows his family regularly watched were Nature (PBS) and the Tour De France. It was here that his love for adventure, the outdoors, and photography took shape.
Stover is based in San Luis Obispo, California, and focuses on landscape photography classes and workshops encouraging his class participants to Develop their skills, Explore their capabilities, and to Create meaningful work.
He is widely recognized for his work in helping photographers understand the unique perspectives that assist in the discovery of their capabilities, while enabling a deeper connection with themselves and others through creative expression.  
For more information, visit Nic’s website: www.stoverphoto.com

Thursday, May 6
Digital Competition 11 - Themed
Theme: Trees.  Submit only photos of trees or its component parts (such as bark, leaves, roots, branches) to this competition

Judge: Judge:  Peter Howard

Thursday, May 13
Program 17

Thursday, May 20
Digital Competition 12
Theme: Open

Judge: Jim Lockard

Thursday, May 27
Program 18