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Baltimore Camera Club Meetings
Thursday Nights at 8:00 p.m.

Mount Washington United Methodist Church
5800 Cottonworth Ave
Baltimore, MD 21209

Meetings start at 8:00 p.m.  Please arrive at 7:30 p.m. for socializing and club business. 

Weather Cancellation Policy
When Baltimore County Schools are closed, close early or cancel evening activities we will not have the scheduled meeting.

2020 Calendar

Meetings at the church are suspended until further notice due to the Coronavirus.
Program meetings will be held on Zoom.  See details below.

Event Information
Thursday, May 28
Zoom Meeting

A Zoom meeting invitation will be sent to all Baltimore Camera Club members.  Join in beginning at 7:30pm to socialize.  The program will begin promptly at 8:00pm.

Member Critique - Two images per member. Upload your images to Visual Pursuits/”Member Programs – Critiques” Gallery/’Member Critique May 28, 2020.

Critique Image Upload Instructions.
Thursday, June 4
Zoom Meeting - Feedback Night

A Zoom meeting invitation will be sent to all Baltimore Camera Club members.  Join in beginning at 7:30pm to socialize.  The program will begin promptly at 8:00pm.

Although we’ll be attending via Zoom, this will be our annual event to discuss what’s working, what’s not, and ways to improve our club activities. It’s also a time for nominations and voting for club officers.

This will be a BYO ice cream event this year!

Ice Cream Sundae Image

Saturday, June 6
Year End Competition - Tentative

Thursday, June 18
Program 19 - Zoom Meeting

A Zoom meeting invitation will be sent to all Baltimore Camera Club members.  Join in beginning at 7:30pm to socialize.  The program will begin promptly at 8:00pm.
Speaker: Tony Sweet - "Compelling Composition: Isolate and Simplify”


Tony’s presentation will be a tour de force of compositional techniques and creative ways to apply them for greatest visual impact. The overriding concept is to learn to isolate and simplify the subject.


He will discuss and illustrate trying different perspectives, the power of line in visual design, creating visual drama, the use of strong graphics to enhance visual interest and drama, and more. It is the hope that this presentation increases the attendees’ attention to detail in creating clean, direct, compelling compositions.

About Tony:

Tony is a Nikon Legend Behind the Lens. After successful careers as a jazz musician/ educator, and professional magician, Tony settled on photography as his chosen means for personal expression. Over the last 30 years, Tony has become an in-demand speaker throughout the United States and Canada on Photography and creativity.

Tony and Susan Milestone conduct Visual Artistry photography location workshops in the United States, Canada, and Iceland. Tony maintains an active speaking schedule to photography organizations, industry trade shows and PPA schools across the continental United States and Canada. He also conducts Visual Artistry Creativity Seminars.

Tony's photography is published worldwide in every medium and is represented by Getty Images. Tony’s images are also used by Nikon, Exposure Software, Singh Ray, Topaz, Lensbaby and others for national ad campaigns.
An interview with Tony on macro photography was published in The New York Times.

Tony has authored five books on the art of photography: Fine Art Nature Photography ('02), Fine Art Flower Photography ('05) Fine Art Nature Photography: Water, Ice, Fog ('07), Fine Art Digital Photography (’09) and HDR Photography (2011). He and Master Photo Workshops have co-produced four photography DVDs: Visual Artistry, HDR Made Easy, Visual Literacy and Flower Photography Artistry, as well as an iPhone instructional video series.

The first book in his Fine Art Nature Photography eBook series, "Creative Techniques and the Art of Self Expression,"was just released.
Tony Sweet Photography website: https://tonysweet.com

Saturday, June 20
Annual Banquet
Postponed due to Coronavirus.

Thursday, June 25
Program - Webinar

Members will receive an email invitation.
Speaker: Steve Gettle - “The Art of Visual Language”

One of the greatest things about photography is its ability to communicate something to the viewer. Your images are immensely powerful tools which can reach out and touch people, crossing all language and age barriers. Every color, line and shape you choose to include in your final image has an emotional effect on the viewer. During this presentation, Steve will talk about how all these different elements within your image can more effectively communicate your chosen message to your audience. 

Steve and Nicole lead nature photography tours to exciting destinations around the world. They enjoy sharing their knowledge of the natural world and helping people capture amazing images of our planet. Steve has over 30 years of nature photography experience and has been recognized through numerous awards. These include being a multi-award winner of the BBC’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year and recognized in the prestigious Nature’s Best photography contest. His images are often featured in National Geographic and other nation-wide publications. Nicole has over 15 years of nature photography experience and enjoys discovering and sharing wild connections with others.

Website: https://stevegettle.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/steve.gettle

Steve Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stevegettle

Nicole Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nicolesudduth

Thursday, July 2
Program 20 - Zoom Meeting

A Zoom meeting invitation will be sent to all Baltimore Camera Club members.  Join in beginning at 7:30pm to socialize.  The program will begin promptly at 8:00pm.
Speaker: Jerry Taylor,"People, Places, and Portions: Compassionate Travel on Five Continents" 
Jerry explains that "compassionate travel" is about the work you are doing first; photography comes second. However, you get to take images that always have a story. His presentation will be a blend of both the work and the images, but for an audience of photographers, the emphasis will be on the images.
When people say, “I understand People and Places, but what do you mean by Portions?” – Jerry replies, “Every photograph is only a ‘Portion’ of the whole view; it is the selection that every photographer and artist make when composing their creation.” 
Jerry Taylor, associated with Maryland Photography Alliance, is a Certified Photography Judge, with certificates from PSA, including Image Analysis, Creating Portfolios for Assessment, and Individualized Photography: Creating Competitive Images. He is also a board member of PSA, and a member of local camera clubs: Harford County Photography Group, the Baltimore Camera Club, and Mountain Christian Church Photography Group (MC3). 
Jerry has had solo exhibitions at Radley Run Country Club West Chester, PA, and The Liriodendron Mansion Foundation Bel Air, MD. He has displayed images at Harford Community College’s Chesapeake Gallery, the Columbia Art Center, and the House of Delegates in Annapolis. Jerry has also published a photography book— "34 Days Across America."
Jerry, a retired Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist, and his wife Sylvia have traveled and taught in Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Bali, Iceland, England, Scotland, Romania, Hungary, Kenya, Puerto Rico, St. Croix, Israel, Ecuador, and throughout various States in the United States. Tanzania in February 2020 is their most recent adventure.
Check out Jerry’s website: www.jerrytaylorphoto.com and www.photographystopstime.com.

Thursday, July  9
Program - Zoom Meeting

A Zoom meeting invitation will be sent to all Baltimore Camera Club members.  Join in beginning at 7:30pm to socialize.  The program will begin promptly at 8:00pm.

Speaker: Cole Thompson - “Why Black and White?
Cole Thompson will, in 75 minutes, make the case that black and white is the perfect medium for any subject - except for one. He will show work from his various portfolios including:
•    The Ghosts of Auschwitz-Birkenau
•    Harbinger
•    Ceiling Lamps
•    Moai, Sitting for Portrait
•    The Lone Man
•    And others
Interspersed between the images, Cole will share his photographic philosophies, such as:
•    Never listen to others
•    Photographic Celibacy
•    Coles Rule of Thirds
•    Equipment is overrated
•    Vision is the most important tool in my toolbox
•    And many others!
At the end of his presentation Cole will answer questions and give away a print of The Angel Gabriel.

Cole Thompson is uniquely unqualified to speak on photography. “I’ve never taken a photography class or a workshop. I don’t have a degree in art. I’ve never worked as a photographer. I don’t have gallery representation. I’m not a Canon Explorer of Light. I have only three lenses and none of them are primes. Do I have any qualifications? Just one…my images. Nothing else matters.”

Thursday, July 16
Program 21 - Zoom Meeting

A Zoom meeting invitation will be sent to all Baltimore Camera Club members.  Join in beginning at 7:30pm to socialize.  The program will begin promptly at 8:00pm.

Speaker: Jon Meyer -“The Composite Image:  Why, What, and How?" 

This presentation will address questions about why one would do composites, what story one might want to tell with what materials, and then how one would put those materials together into a portfolio. Jon will illustrate these issues with his 15-image series called “Inner Darkness.” His talk will be part PowerPoint presentation, part live demonstration of image assembly, and part engaging members to think about their own life narratives.

Jon Meyer is a practicing psychoanalyst, a past-president of the American Psychoanalytic Association, and a retired training and supervising analyst in the Washington-Baltimore Center for Psychoanalysis. 

“Given my profession, I am always interested in photography as a medium to express human emotions.  My "In the Mind's Eye" portfolio was exhibited at the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute and is scheduled for a solo show this fall in Durham if not completely knocked on its head by the Coronavirus.  One of the images from that series won first place in the monochrome category in the Cary Photographic Artists National Photography competition.  I

Jon has been published in Black and White Magazine and received a spotlight award.  He also has been published in PDN, has received two first places in the International Color Awards competitions, and was named 2019 amateur photographer of the year by the ICA.  His images have been juried into shows in Berlin, Barcelona, and many venues in the United States (including currently in the Allegany National Photography Competition in Cumberland) where he has won or placed in the judging.

“And, of course,” Jon says, “I’m very proud of my Graham Crowell Award for the Best Color Print of 2014-15 and all the other images that have been recognized over the years by the BCC.”

Jon’s website: http://www.jonmeyerphotographicart.com

Board Meeting

Thursday, July 30
Program 22

“Anything Goes” Night

This is an opportunity to share your creative work using approaches typically not allowed in competitions. Some examples are diptychs and triptychs, photos sizes larger or smaller, panos, use of stock, historical or NASA images, created graphic work with use of photographic elements as a part, photo books, and multimedia projects, including video and slideshows. 

Although it’s a “no rules” event, photography must be a part, major or minor, of the work shared, and it must also be appropriate for our BCC audience.